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Online degree programs provide tremendous flexibility to learners, allowing them to engage in learning on their own schedules and at their own pace. This flexibility makes it possible for a broader and more diverse population of learners to access education and seek degrees than would otherwise be possible. At the same time, the flexibility of online learning raises many challenges for educational designers, who must contemplate how to engage, track, and assess learners who are geographically distributed, operate on their own time schedules, can communicate only through online tools, and may lack the sense of community that is formed from being co-present with other learners. 

The Center for Research in Engineering Education Research Online brings together educational researchers and practitioners across the Oregon State University community to study, analyze, and innovate online learning in computing and engineering fields. Given Oregon State University's highly-ranked online computer science and engineering degree programs, CREEdO is well positioned to conduct large-scale research studies into online teaching and learning in computing and engineering, and to investigate the impact of novel pedagogical and technological interventions.

In partnership with Oregon State University's Ecampus, we run a seed grant program to help education researchers perform preliminary investigations into online computing and engineering education, with the hope that these initial investigations lay the groundwork for more substantial research. We also bring together researchers from across the university to engage in collaborative grant writing initiatives focused on online learning. Our goal is to perform high impact, large scale research that will be a catalyst for innovating online teaching and learning in computing and engineering.

If you are interested in joining us, or if you have a project you would like us to consider, please reach out!

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Christopher HundhausenChris Hundhausen
Professor and Associate Head of Online Programs
School of Elecrical Engineering & Computer Science
Director, CREEdO